Friday, 30 December 2016

Time off for new designs!

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR and many thanks for stopping by! May your 2017 be filled with creativity and productivity and less with useless Social media activity! Or as we call it precious life time sucker that leads you to nowhere!

As I said in one of my previous posts on my Author Blog, Likes & RT are not a currency! Therefore we are taking time off from blogging and cutting back on Social media, while we are working on new books and brand new collections. Visit our Website and stay tuned for new designs!

All the best & God bless,

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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Our Service 4 Indies worldwide!
Dear Independent Authors, Artists and Musicians worldwide

We have good news! We will be offering our  design service for your Book/Single/Album covers and your merchandising products! Few Authors & Artists have contacted me recently because of my Collections on and asked me for advice.
I like to inform you that we will offer an exclusive service for Indies from January 1. 2017. If you have the full copyright of your book/album/artwork Illustration/graphic/photo and would like to have them printed on products, but need professional help to set everything up, please don’t hesitate to contact us at
@Indie Authors: We will be more than delighted to bring your writing to the next level: Have your own Book Collection with your book cover or book characters.
@Indie Artists & Musicians: It will be our pleasure to support you in the merchandising process of your single/album/artwork.

What we need from you as an Author/Artist/Musician:
1.    You must have the full copyright of the illustration/graphic/photo of your book/album/artwork.

2.    The illustration/graphic/photo must be in good quality (high resolution for print)

3.    You choose the name of your collection yourself and each of the designs. Of course I’m happy to advice if you wish me to.

4.    You must have a personal and valid PayPal account to sign up as an Artist on

You can choose between 4 Service packages for each of your designs:
Small package: Your graphic will only be available as Art-Print, Framed Art Prints, Canvas Prints, Metal Prints. I deliver you 1 jpg/png file for each design.         
Middle package: Small package plus T-Shirts / V-Necks / Tank Tops / Long Sleeve, Biker Tanks / Hoodies.  I deliver you 2 jpg/png files for each design.                                          

Large package: Middle package plus Mobile Device Cases & Skins / Cards, Throw Pillows / Tote Bags / Shower Curtains / Duvet Covers, Wall Clocks, Mugs, Laptop & iPad Skins / iPad mini Cases / Laptop Sleeves / Rectangular Pillows / Carry-All Pouches.  I deliver you 5 jpg/png files for each design.
X-Large package: Large package plus Wall Tapestries / Throw Blankets, Hand & Bath Towels / Beach Towels) I deliver you 7 jpg/png files for each design.          
The design service includes the following extra service if wished: I will upload ALL the files for you in your account and take care of the description etc.

Prices start from USD $25 to USD $70!

Please make sure to book your service at least 4-6 weeks before your planned Release-date of your products on For more information about our service please visit our Website.

Important Notice: There is NO guarantee that you will have Sales on Once your products are available YOU and only YOU are responsible for marketing your Collections! Keep in mind, that you have to put time and effort to be recognized. Thanks to Social Media though your Followers will be the ones that you can count on the most!

nasSima design Collections on

(Benefit from Christmas promotions on our Collections. 
Society6 offers DISCOUNTS and FREE delivery worldwide!)


Friday, 7 October 2016


Offering our “My Empire Collections” on now is truly a long dream come true. Back in 2011 my talented mom Sima and I started to design this collection with allot of passion and enthusiasm. It was our desire to share a baroque and posh home collection inspired by our travels to historical places, castles and palaces in Europe with other art and royal lovers for a reasonable price. We wanted every women to feel like a queen and every man to feel like a king.  
The design process itself was fun and joyful. But finding the right production company and distributers turned out to be not as joyful at all. Actually it was a disaster; a living nightmare. You wonder why? Well read…. :-) After designing for months and working on each design for hours, days and nights, we contacted production companies in Germany because of our value for quality. But the main problem with German Companies was that we had to order a minimum amount of products for EACH design. We had already more than 36 different designs ready and the minimum amount of order would have cost us a fortune.
So we thought we try to find possible distributors first to make sure that we wouldn’t order hundreds of products for nothing. Nobody wants to seat on thousands of products in a storage room! Right?

But to be able to present your collection to well-known department stores, you need to have at least a few ready-made samples. Despite the high cost, we actually did order the material in Germany for decorative pillows and my talented mom sewed dozens of decorative samples. Later we met with dozens of people “professionals” and "want-to-bees/pretenders" and as you can guess nothing turned out the way we wished. Every one we met was first and foremost only interested in making fast money with our designs on our expense. We even considered producing our collection in Turkey, like most international brands do. So we even booked a flight & Hotel in Istanbul, where we were going to meet with fabrics.
But then last minute the meeting with the fabric and our translator was cancelled. A so called Turkish school friend of mine, who was going to translate for us changed her mind and because of her unreliability and lack of responsibility we lost allot of money.  Unfortunately all this time where we were wasting precious time, energy and hope on false people, we had absolutely no clue that it could be so easy. Lost money, false promises and hopes created by unprofessional people and fake friends made us give up completely on the idea of ever sharing our designs with anyone until now! So now after waiting for over five years being able to produce our products with Society6 is truly a blessing. And we hope that all the hard work, trouble, effort and waiting were worth it. We look forward to read your comments and feedbacks on our blog and on our store.
If we can make one Women feel like a Queen and one man feel like a King, we have achieved our dream! :-) Don’t forget your home is your Empire!
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Saturday, 20 August 2016

My Empire (Summer) Collection

We are happy to announce that our Home Collection (My Empire Summer Collection) is finally available. Please visit our store and discover our collection.
The complete Empire Collection is divided in four seasons. For the summer we offer eight different but combinable designs. A beautiful mint green and a relaxing purple will create a cozy atmosphere in your house. And the flowery designs will bring you the summer into your home despite the weather outside.
The Leo symbolizes strength, power, courage and pride. The Horse symbolizes wisdom, energy, freedom and passion. The color mint symbolizes Hope. Purple symbolizes Independence and gold symbolizes Fortune & Wealth.
The Collections includes the following products: Shower Curtains, Duvet covers & decorative pillows, Wall Clocks and even Mobile device cases.
Please follow this blog and/or store to be informed when the Empire autumn & Christmas Collection is available. We hope our designs bring you joy and make you feel like a Queen/a King/princess/prince. :-) 
your nasSima design

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Saturday, 2 July 2016

For God sake be different. Express yourself. Indulge yourself and make a statement!

For decades International brands like IKEA, H&M, Mango, Zara and Swarovski are ruling our world! Aren’t you sick and tired of being dominated of how you should live and how you should dress? Not everyone can afford to buy exclusive and expensive brands such as Valentino, Versace, Chanel etc.
But we all like to express ourselves, be individual and not be a mass-product. It is the same with our home decorations. Each of one of us is different. That’s what makes us human special. Being unique and different is part of our personality.
But the world and the media dominate us whether we like it or not, whether we realize it or not. Where is the individuality? Regardless of where we go these international brands are hunting us. Some of the stores are only a stone step away from each other on High-streets - which is annoying and ridiculous! It is so uninspiring that it actually makes me sick!  
In the past when we went for Holliday we looked forward to buy new dresses and bring back home special gifts and souvenirs. Nowadays we find the same products EVERYWHERE. So not only we can’t dress individually, we also can’t buy and surprise the people we love with unique gifts. We are part of this massive mass-product industry. These brands are making a fortune with high prizes for low-quality of mass-products, while there are so many talented Artists’ out there that we should discover and support. Let’s face it these brands are nothing then modern communism!
Thanks to my upcoming inspirational interview-partner on my blog ( the fabulous and talented artist Mister Michael Alvarez from California Long Beach, I have discovered this awesome Website that is like “HEAVEN” for artists like us and from all over the world. Independent Artists have the opportunity to present and share their work with the entire world.  And I encourage you to visit this page, follow the artists you like and support them instead of buying unispring mass-products and look like everyone else.
It’s time to make a change. Express yourself. Indulge yourself. Make a statement. For God sake be different! And if you like our designs follow our store and stay tuned for more collections.

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Friday, 20 May 2016

Austria: Beautiful Vienna

One of the most exciting and astonishing cities in Europe is without a doubt the city of Vienna. If you plan a visit to Europe you MUST take a few days (at least five days) to experience the most beautiful places in the capitol city of Austria.
My mom and I, we have a special connection to this amazing city. Lots of precious memories that we both cherish like a treasure. Vienna is breath-taking and historical for many different reasons, that we can’t express in words. You have to experience it yourself. And when it comes to design and taste, wooow nobody can compete. The Austrian people are the champions!
Vienna with its historical buildings such as the parliament, the Opera House, the historical art and natural museum, the little churches and palaces is like an injection of inspiration for every art and design lover. The many sculptures of personalities from politic, music and art make the city look like a giant museum. You can’t help it, but it is like an injection of taste which you will take as a souvenir and hold on to it forever.
There are two palaces which we will introduce to you in the next posts. One of it is the Hofburg which is right in the center of Vienna and the other one is the worldwide famous Schönbrunn palace.
When you’re in downtown of Vienna there are two gorgeous baroque churches that you have to visit. Both are very close to the plague column (die Pestsäule) which is a Holy Trinity column located on the Graben, a street in the inner city of Vienna, close to Kärtnerstrasse (The Shopping street)
Even though Vienna is mostly known for the St. Stephen's Cathedral, we personally prefer the small Baroque Roman Catholic churches of St. Peter's, located on Petersplatz and St. Michael'sChurch  one of the oldest churches in Vienna with the high altar with Fall of the Angels that was used in the wedding ceremony scene  in the “Sissi Movie”. A movie based on the love story of the King and Queen of Austria Franz Joseph I. and Sissi that married on 24. April 1854.
Whether you’re a fan of the Monarchy or not, in the historical city of Vienna you can’t avoid it. Everywhere you go, you see images of the King and Queen of Austria. If you have seen the movies about their romance you enjoy it even more.
One of the secret places to go is actually the Capuchin Church, which houses the Imperial Crypt. It is not a special building from outside. You would actually miss it completely. But once you’re inside it and visit the graves you realize what a long history of Monarchy this country had. So many powerful people and what’s left of them? Unfortunately not much! But at least they left us their taste for interior design as a legacy for now and the next generations to come which makes their home worth a visit for young and adult.



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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Paris: Napoleon Bonaparte’s private apartment at Louvre

Whether you like art or not, Musee du Louvre in magnifique Paris is without a doubt THE place for inspiration for Interior design. The Egyptian, Greek, persian and Roman antiquities, sculptures and paintings are a must – see.  
Even though Louvre is mostly famous for its Mona Lisa’s oil on panel from Leonardo da Vinci and the marble Winged Victory sculpture, we were mostly fascinated by Napoleon Bonaparte’s private apartment at Louvre where Napoleon III (April 1808 – January 1873), the nephew of Napoleon I used to live.

His exceptional taste for decorative art is truly breath-taking. As a visitor you really must take time, because you don’t know where to look at first:  The room decoration or the painted ceilings.

When you walk through the apartment from one room to the other, if feels as if time is standing still and you’re back in the 18 century.  It is a time travel and you wish that the walls and furniture’s could speak and share their secrets with you.
When you leave this historical and beautiful place and come back to the Entry Hall in Louvre it feels weird to be back in the new modern 20. It is indeed surreal and uninspiring.

I’m sure that Cristal chandeliers, candle stands, golden mirrors, velvet curtains and wall papers are not everybody’s cup of tea. Not everyone likes the baroque style and the overdose of splendor. But it certainly feels good to feel like a Queen for a while and imagine how life must have been back in time.

So not only the city of Paris and the Musee du Louvre are worth a visit, but surely the Bonaparte Apartment at Louvre.




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